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Angel Pie Kit

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Angel Pie Kit

The automated E-500 Econ-O dough forming pie press creates consistent, uniform crusts for pies, tarts, cheesecakes, pizzas, and other specialty crusts — without the need for flour dusting or greasing — and leaves NO SCRAP DOUGH to recover.

The E-500 features simple, yet reliable, all stainless and anodized aluminum construction with adjustability to ensure easy, trouble-free operation and optimum output. Virtually no waste and faster production means more profit for your business!

Replicating the hand sheeting process “just like Grandma” is important when making traditional fruit based double crust pies. Leveraging over 100 years of sheeting methodology, the Table Top Sheeter will create a tender, flaky crust in seconds as if you hand rolled it yourself. Our adjustable sheeter rollers are driven by a simple 110v motor and efficiently operate at 1200 pie crusts per hour.

All pies are judged, at first, primarily on their appearance. Well, now you don’t have to sacrifice quality appearances for automation. The Colborne Angel trimming and sealing unit is equipped with a two-stage cam system that allows for two distinct motions to replicate hand crimping, giving finished pies the thumb style crimp. This semi-automatic machine can be outfitted with different crimp patterns for different products.

Deposit your fruit and cream fillings without sacrificing the filling quality by utilizing Colborne Angel’s volumetric table top depositor. The Table Top Depositor can deposit very stiff and viscous fruit fillings, including large fruit pieces, with minimal damage. Foot petal or push button bakers can now fill their pies with high quality fruit and cream fillings quickly and effectively!

For producers of cheesecakes and crumb based cream pies who require up the side or bottom only compaction of their crumb base, look no further than the Economy Graham Spinner. This system, available in table top or portable configurations, will form the perfect pie/cheesecake crust in seconds.


Pie Diameter 3"-12"

Actual Rates Determined
By Product Make-Up

  • 3"-4" - Variable Up to 4,000/hr
  • 4"-6" - Variable Up to 2,000/hr
  • 6"-12" - Variable Up to 1,000/hr
Machine Size

Actual Size Varies Based
On Added Features

36" L x 29" W x 62" H
Construction Aluminum and Stainless Steel
  • Allen Bradley PLC
  • Allen Bradley PanelView Color HMI
Electrical Power Requirements Wired To Your Plant's Specifications
Pneumatic Power Requirements Approx. 1 CFM @ 60 psi