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Pizza Crust Roller

The Original Dough Roller

Set it on the bench or table, where it doesn't take up any extra floor space. Attach the power cord to any handy light socket. Push the levers to adjust rollers to the dough thickness you want, and your kitchen is instantly equipped for high-quality, low-cost production of pizza crusts.

This is a sturdy, reliable, large-volume dough roller that is perfect for kitchens of hotels, restaurants, commissaries, industrial plants, schools, and institutions.

It cuts your costs as it speeds up production with a single operator. As it pays back its cost in what it saves you on the wages of skilled cooks and on material that is now wasted and abused by hand rolling.

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Built-In Sanitation

Stainless steel and corrosion resistant alloys meet high sanitation standard.

Easy to Clean

Parts to be cleaned are quickly removed without tools.

Sizes to Fit Your Needs

Three sizes available to fit all size pizzas.
14" - 17" - 21"

Easy to Operate

You can teach anyone in a matter of minutes.

Fast, Uniform Crusts

Simple adjustments give crusts of exact thickness quickly and automatically.

Saves Time and Material

Every crust the same...eliminates loss from inconsistent slower handmade crusts.