Pie Make-Up


Turnover System

T-28000 Turnover Machine

The most versatile, cost-effective machine available! This machine is ideal for snack pies, meat pies and ethnic specialties including calzones, empanadas, pierogis, pasties, chebureki and more!

Fully automate your entire process from dough sheeting to filling and crimping to removal of finished product all with one operator at rates up to 9,000 turnovers per hour. The variable speed allows you to set throughput speed to maintain your production requirements.

The multiple sheeting rollers creates gentle dough reduction for the highest quality, tender, flaky dough. All the adjustments are quick and easy to vary dough thickness, filling weights, and pie size or shape.

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Fast, Uniform Dough

Simple adjustments give dough exact thickness quickly and automatically.

Easy to Operate

You can teach anyone in a matter of minutes.

Simply Flexible

Fast, tool-less change-over of sizes.

Built-In Sanitation

Stainless steel and corrosion resistant alloys meet high sanitation standard.


Turnover Pie Weight 2 oz. to 12 oz.

Actual Rates Determined
By Product Make-Up

  • Fruit - Variable Up to 9,000/hr
  • Meat - Variable Up to 9,000/hr
Machine Size

Actual Size Varies Based
On Added Features

17'6" L x 42" W x 74" H
  • IP-65 Washdown
  • Optional IP-67 High-Pressure Washdown
  • Allen Bradley PLC
  • Allen Bradley PanelView Color HMI
Electrical Power Requirements Wired To Your Plant's Specifications
Pneumatic Power Requirements N/A